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would jesus do? we thought we'd ask a man behind a purpose-driven life. rick warren weighs in on what is the right thing to do. a bigger, kinder government? reigning it in. tonight on fbn. where we mean business and say our prayers. >> kimberly: hello. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: some people call it the war on christmas but tonight the focus is on every american's right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion. it doesn't matter if you're christian, jewish or of no faith at all. in 2019 and right now christians who are under siege by government officials and antireligion groups who think christmas and christianity have no business in the public arena. exhibit no. 1.
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in kansas, the city of buehler has been forced to remove the cross from the city seal after an atheist group complained. exhibit no. two, north carolina, at college, students were told they couldn't sell christmas trees if they were called christmas trees. they wanted to call them holiday trees until the school finally caved. and finally, in rhode island, exhibit no. three. lincoln chaffee is not backing down. the liberal governor refuses to call a christmas tree a christmas tree. again, he wanted holiday tree and they didn't want a holiday lighting this year and kayed after enormous pressure. this is turn of play. for year the liberals said the right, the conservatives are against the freedom of expression. we're seeing quite the contrary at play. >> eric: we'll do it again.
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read the first amendment to the constitution. should we do that? >> dana: whole thing? >> eric: congress will make no law respecting establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. it's groups like freedom from religion that are a problem. wisconsin-based group that finds different municipalities around the country and they make it their project. they go try to get on tv, make enough ridiculous noise so people pick it up and say hey, really, would this fall under the first amendment of the constitution? free speech, free religion, first amendment. back off freedom from religion. i can't stand that group. >> kimberly: we'll talk about the situations illustrating the point of what is going on across the country right now, when we watch it. continue to blame the right. but if you look at who is culpable, kansas. city of buehler, they will remove the cross from the city seal and the city properties because this group, freedom from religion foundation
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complained that it violates the establishment cause of the constitution. >> dana: one thing i look in to with this is the seal was redesigned 24 years ago. that's when a lot of lawsuits happened. what they were trying to do here, not make a religious point but historic point. the city was established by menonite immigrants seeking refuge from religious persecution. this is an historic point and what marks the town to make it different. they have a point of history to look to. i don't think anyone putting the cross on there was making a religious point, necessarily, though they might be faithful christians. the town was founded -- you can't run away from your history. >> kimberly: brian, the mayor there said concerns over the lawsuit were deciding factor i in deciding to remove the cross. >> brian: i blame your people. the legal people. the legal people of this world
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fears to use taxpayer money to defend the right to show the cross. that has everybody cave. in this town of 1350 people say all right, we'll take it off. too expense i to fight. we need people to donate their legalese in there or send money to get a hometown lawyer to take them on. >> bob: i'm a christian. and to indict all liberals saying all liberals are response seasonable ridiculous. democrat is what you are here to defend. >> bob: christmas tree sales, it ought to be a christmas tree. that is what it is. if you want a minorra , put it up against to the tree and light it. >> kimberly: why do they do it, bob? >> bob: buhler there is a distinction. this is a city that takes federal, state and local monies. and when you have a cross on your -- despite the history of it. menonites were persecuted and it goes there,be that draws the line between church and state. >> eric: freedom from religion picks out different municipalities. last year there is one in
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texas outside of waco where they wanted them to remove manger scene because it was a public park across the street. >> bob: those are ridiculous. take down -- >> eric: where do you draw the line? >> bob: this is a permanent seal of a city. that is a lot different than christmas display and public park. >> kimberly: this is what is sad. they decide it's financially more feasible and economic to remove the seal, redesign it. hold the contest in the city. and it will cost $2,500 to have a law firm fight it and potentially lose. that is wrong. >> bob: it's permanent seal 365 days a year. >> dana: i bet you could find historic towns across -- at least, well, all across america, certainly on the eastern seaboard with some sort of religious founding. they use that in their documents. the point they would take city, federal or state money,
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which entity doesn't take city, state, federal money. all across america. >> bob: they would be sued. but you are taking collective tax money. buhler gets a piece of that. >> eric: what if the town are okay -- >> bob: don't put them together. apples and oranges. >> eric: freedom of religion seek this out when people in the town says we don't want your help. we have don't a problem with manger scene or cross on the seal. jimenez is happening across the country. insidious nature that is disturbing went are putting together the piece so people can decide. >> bob: i'm second to none doing away with manger scenes in public property. ridiculous, makes no sense. but that is different than seal of ra town. >> kimberly: take a walk
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with me to north carolina? are you up to it? >> bob: yes. >> kimberly: let's discuss it. piedmont college. oh, no, you didn't call them christmas trees. you better call them holiday trees or they're out. bob? >> bob: it's ridiculous. particularly because this group was raising money for children in poverty. >> dana: it's terrible. >> bob: i don't get it. they walked it back because they got bad publicity. this is the thing that allows right wingers to blame evening on the left wingers on this stuff. stop doing it number one. number two, this is a christmas tree. get it? christmas tree. let them sell it. >> dana: the white house over the weekend, the obama accepted the christmas tree when it arrived and being put up in the blue room today. >> eric: christmas tree? >> dana: it is. >> eric: hold on. hold on.
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let's use your example of taking federal, state -- the white house is built with our money. >> bob: i have no problem -- >> eric: should obama call at it holiday tree? >> bob: i have no problem with doing things like a christmas tree in the white house or naytivety scene. no problem. i just said in this one case it's different. >> brian: as a group, as "the five," i'm not a member. >> bob: you are. >> brian: i'm filling in for greg. i would say we should ban together and promise never to attend a western piedmont game, scrimmage or the -- >> bob: i got to give up my season tickets. >> brian: the fact is the students want to not do it. let's not go there. >> kimberly: bob, another one for you. >> brian: make the sacrifice. stand for something. >> kimberly: go to rhode island now. another hot story that people are talking about, because have you ever been to a holiday tree lighting?
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this is appropriate. right now in new york city, we have the christmas tree lighting. don't try to come here, because the strophic horrific. but what is going on in rhode island is they were going to hold a holiday tree lighting because you can't call it a christmas tree lighting again. >> brian: last year. they tried this last year. lincoln chafey is whacky. for him to dress like steve busey every day is unbelievable and getting on my nerves. he takes over rhode island. this is a stand he'll have. he said since it was controversial last year and i kayed, let's is not a tree lighting. so the people want a tree lighting they just can't call at it holiday tree. >> bob: he is not a whacko. a good guy and good governor. went back to what the previous governor said. what do you think you put a tree up and put lights on it for? is there something else you call it? any other religion have it as part of a symbol for the holiday? >> brian: why would he
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alienate people of rhode island? >> dana: it's a fake holiday. i think that they probably in rhode island and the governor staff round about july they have a brainstorm meeting of the planning for the next six months. on the agenda is question of how can we drive the right azy this year? >> brian: he's a republican. he is kind of a republican. >> bob: he is a republican. >> dana: no, he's independent. >> brian: he left because no one liked him on the right or the left. he said we used to say the lord's prayer in school. we moved on from that, saying get over it people. call it a holiday tree. >> dana: what do atheists want to us believe in. >> eric: on every single bill we have, every coin "in god we trust." there it is. it's money. it's god. >> dana: it doesn't say in christians we trust. >> bob: he said use the lord's prayer every day. you know what we had to eat on
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friday? fish sticks. why? because of catholics. >> kimberly: i love fish sticks. they are tasty and delicious. >> dana: lobbyists and they figured it out. >> kimberly: at least you had something to eat. >> bob: we had to eat fish sticks. it hate fish. >> kimberly: this is the example of the speech that the left likes, the wikileaks suspect manning who is looking at 32 -- >> brian: that husband the fan -- >> kimberly: quite familiar with it. what do you think of that? look at the juxtaposition and the hypocrisy. >> brian: life in prison. he jeopardized national security. >> kimberly: he is supported by the left. >> brian: he can have tree in his cell. >> dana:ly not take anyone seriously from the left with manning until they try to get out of jail the video maker that was jailed after the video. >> bob: owner rick's old show, i -- on eric's old show i said they should shoot this guy. you know how much heat i took
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about that? >> brian: from who? >> bob: everybody. >> eric: he is treasonous. >> kimberly: they could have sought the death penalty but he did not. he has support. the defense plans to call 48 witnesses on his behalf. they feel he should be free, he is political prisoner. complained about his confinement and saying it's illegal punishment. >> bob: imagine him on the front line defending you? look at him. >> brian: i know. >> bob: ask yourself this question. would you feel good about this guy on the front lines? >> brian: he has done more damage on the zarate than the national security -- al-zawahiri to the national security. we cannot be trusted. state department, international causes, they don't forgive us from this because we let a nobody down load information. >> eric: the left says bradley manning should be protected under free speech and christmas trees should not. >> bob: the left? i'm on the left. >> kimberly: pick your bedfellows, beckel.
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>> kimberly: wow! coming up, have you seen the trailer for the upcoming movie about killing bin laden? >> the whole world is going to want in on this. >> kimberly: the movie looks great but there are questions about whether the obama administration allowed the filmmakers access to classified documents. you are going to hear from behind the movie when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: well, we were going to do a segment on the fiscal cliff but nothing happened today. so i'll show you other attention-starved loans hellbent on doing something really stupid. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh! >> eric: okay. now let's talk about the -- no, it's not, bob.
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the newest and latest from the obama spy department. zero dark thirty is the new video that documents event around the bin laden kill and it's chock full of controversy. c.i.a. opened the door and file to the movie producers. here is a cliff of "zero dark thirty." >> do you really believe this story? >> usama bin laden. yeah. >> what part convinceed you? >> her confidence. >> if you're right, the whole world is going to want in on this. ♪ ♪ >> eric: we're all watching, we're engaged and we'll all want to see that. but kimberly, should the c.i.a. allow hollywood inside
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their doors, inside their files? >> kimberly: there isn't up side except people who produce the movie will get paid and investors are lucky enough to get in on it financially will be paid off. people are entertained but to what expense to our national security? this is a movie they should haven't had the access to the file torse documents. jeopardize potential operation in field. now it's reckless, irresponsible and glorify the administration for a cull that was one that needed to happen but don't pat yourself on the back. >> eric: i have a big problem with our own c.i.a. opening the doors to hollywood to let them snoop around and look around. who knows what intel they may be privy too. what if muslim extremists see the film an don't like how bin laden is portrayed and react and attack embassys? >> bob: that would be another video controversy, wouldn't it? muslim extremists could look at this and i'm sure they won't have big dark secrets. if the government and the
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national security groups have been opening up their files, go back to patten. remember the movie "patton"? they had documents about secret army in northern england. it's ridiculous argument. >> eric: do you care, brian? >> brian: i'm pleased that the politicians are out of it. the politics are not playing a role in it i'm pleased that the world will get to see what looks like a great movie and see in a positive light. great victory for america. >> kimberly: displeased? >> brian: if tactics are given awayvism not heard that and i trust the c.i.a. who cares about their operatives more than they do their bosses because they would do this. so i am trusting that the higher-ups at langely did not do that. i have not seen the movie but it looks phenomenal. >> eric: the obama campaign during the election cycle blamed mitt romney for politicizing the whole benghazi thing. listen to the show's, the movie's screenwriter. listen to him. assess. go. >> i never ask for classified
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material. to my knowledge i never received any. i think as far as the controversial goes, you know -- controversy goes, it was an election year. it was a real and bizarre to have -- there were major players in the republican party characterizing the script and movie before i even written a word. >> eric: politicizing to me. >> dana: i'm going to surprise you. i agree with him. i think it's okay. i think with what the c.i.a. provided was not much more than what you could read in the "new york times" every morning. there are questions that apparently the president was concerned enough to ask the justice department to investigate those type of leaks but i remember at the department of defense there was an office by the press briefing room there. they would do all sort of things with hollywood and work with them to make sure the uniforms were accurate, doing historical portrayal. the world needs to know the story. america should get the credit. they did the right thing taking the politicians out of
2:22 pm
it. i think it's -- i look forward to seeing it. >> eric: go around the table. does anyone care besides me that kathryn bigelow the director is an obama donor. i care. do you care? >> kimberly: interesting point. worth noting. >> bob: going to keep me up all damn night long. >> eric: do you not think the portrayal of the bin laden kill -- the victory lap. do you care? a lot of what went down in the bin laden kill had to do with the years and years of intel gain under bush and cheney. >> dana: what i remember learning from president bush is right at the patriot act was reauthorized we were going to do a press conference and president bush said no dancing in the end zone. get the tools we need for the next president, whoever it was going to be so they could do what they need to do. i believe in the long run history gets it right and president bush will get the credit he deserves. >> brian: i'd stand behind you if i didn't see the credit and movie that talks about the entire thing. >> kimberly: it doesn't make it okay.
2:23 pm
>> brian: already done. so when it went to script and to tape putting it together in cinematic way. >> bob: he said the republicans were jumping all over him before he wrote the script. >> eric: did he write the script fairly? did they go back to the waterboarding that was -- or the enhanced interrogation that was done to gain the courier, bin laden's courier that gained bin laden? >> brian: i would be curious to see if they talk about the enhanced interrogation did produce the courier. cheney, rumsfeld and -- >> eric: i don't know. 'canes is true -- >> dana: that is true. it is true. >> brian: so if they don't put it in, we should come back. >> bob: cover up over the pakistanis doing the whole thing. >> eric: we got to go. coming up, half a billion, make it $550 million up for grabs tonight in the lottery that everyone is talking about. but could winning the big bucks get you killed? a man takes shakespeare murdered after hitting the jackpot. that's ahead on "the five."
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>> dana: if someone dies from smoking whose fault is that. the smoker, company or both? there was a ruling to force three of the largest tobacco companies to advertise they deliberately dezeeed americans about the dangers of the smoking and the manipulated their products to increase addiction. i want to show an ad, an old ad from the 1950s. show from the makers of camel cigarettes. >> what great do you smoke, doctor? >> tens of thousands of doctors in all branchs of medicine and parts of the country were asked that question? what great do you smoke,
2:29 pm
doctor? the brand named most was camel. surveys show more doctors smoke camels than any other cigarettes. smoke camels, the cigarette so many doctors enjoy. >> dana: eric, if your son saw that, he might think it was a spoof. but that was a real ad they had from before. i am not a smoker but the punitive nature of having to advertise is ridiculous. >> dana: also -- >> eric: it's wild. >> dana: they have it on the cigarettes.
2:30 pm
>> dana: they used to film this at my uncle's ranch in black hills. my aunt would cut their hair. who doesn't know that cigarettes are bad for them? >> brian: there someone saying this could be bad for me. there are other things to catch up on. i'm amazed that people are smoking. joe the camel, it was attractive to a generation of youngsters. what attraction does a camel have. they're not in even in the west. >> dana: is it self-righteousness? >> kimberly: judicial activism. i don't smoke. i know plenty of people who do. i'm concerned about the fact that smoking causes up to ten
2:31 pm
different kinds of cancer. that said, this is going too far. the judge cannot get this to go through. they will appeal it. that is saying that they deceived the american people. >> dana: i think people will still smoke. bob, don't you think? >> bob: yeah. look, i smoke cigars so i have to be careful. i remember when you could smoke from airplanes. >> dana: wow, you're old. just kidding. >> bob: this goes to 1998. tobacco companies got in front of congress and flat-out lied and said they were not addicted. >> kimberly: say it in a commercial? >> bob: yes. none of them went to jail. let them rub their nose in it. dead people as a result of this. >> brian: no matter what is on the box of cigarettes, people will smoke or not
2:32 pm
smoke. they can put the most horrendous thing on there. you deliberately deceived me? i'm going to smoke. >> bob: every year smoking goes down. something is working. >> dana: not in world. >> bob: they could take it overseas to poor people and sell them there. >> eric: do you smoke? >> bob: i said i smoke cigars. yes. >> eric: what are you saying? >> bob: these guys deliberately lied to congress. they had to pay a few billion dollars, that's true. but the fact of the matter is they should -- >> dana: so do banks advertise they bilked people on their mortgage market? >> bob: absolutely. absolutely. >> dana: all right. >> eric: obama have to advertise he promised to -- [ laughter ] -- cut the deficit in half? >> dana: where will it end? >> kimberly: we want an apology. >> dana: super pac ad with apology. >> kimberly: deliberately dezeed the american people. >> bob: that is not true. >> dana: we'll ponder that. coming up, 5 a 50 million reasons you might not want to win tonight's powerball
2:33 pm
jackpot. brian has all of those next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is a new develop in the president obama's evident to get off the fiscal cliff. tonight on "special report," the president may be trying to divide budget negotiations in two pieces, insisting on tax increases for high earners this year with a promise to cut spending next year. some critics call it wimpy from popaye strategy, gladly paying you tuesday for a hamburger today. house speaker john boehner insists the republicans are willing to work with the mt. offering the tax revenues if significant spending cuts are part of the deal. is social security on table? should it be? we hear from the experts tonight. -up ambassador -- u.n. ambassador susan rice met on a charm offensive to explain
2:38 pm
comments after the libya terror attack, where she blamed the non-existent demonstration sparked by anti-islam video. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my kriegs with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: i'm going with eric to pick my own music. [ laughter ] power ball hysteria is in full force today with hours to go before tonight's historic drawing. tonight could be your night. $4,550,000,000 up for -- $500 million up for grabs. second in lotto history. some times thing turn bad for winners, most of the time. there is a so-called lottery murder in tampa, florida. that's one you turned bad. the story has abraham shakespeare. $30 million lottery in 2006.
2:39 pm
killed in 2009, ad by his girlfriend dorse. he accused of swindling out of what wa was left of his winning. who side are you on, dore ris who says she did not kill him, just took his money and invested it wild lil or for shakespeare for winning to begin with? facebook >> dana: i blame him because in the story it says she befriended him. when you win that much money you have to pick your friends carefully. >> brian: doris said i will invest your money, what is left of it. what is wrong -- is it dorse' fault for being, showing benevolence in what is left of what is left of his money? abe. >> kimberly: this woman it appears from the facts and the circumstances innocent until proven guilty killed this guy. they have a tremendous amount of evidence in the prosecutor's office. this is what happens in situations like this.
2:40 pm
duped by a coworker. >> eric: buried in a concrete slab in a house that she bought with his money. hello! >> bob: she tried to pay someone $450 for citing him some place and money to kill him. she should have useed some of that pun for a hair dresser. for starters. that may be the ugliest piece of hair i have ever seen. >> brian: she has issues. lottery can kill you. in a lot of situations it goes to show you people think they become rich, bob beckel, they have happiness. if you get money you will be happy. >> kimberly: bob has a ticket. >> eric: we all do. >> brian: but scientists study this. you can only be happy up to $75,000. that have you you're led down a prim rose path. >> bob: "i" i'll taking my chances. win it and worry if i'll be killed. >> brian: take your chances? >> dana: i just realize i don't remember where i put my
2:41 pm
ticket. ohhh. >> brian: stay focused, kids. the advice from the lottery winners. invest wisely. >> dana: wow! >> brian: be ready to say no and be prepared to lose friends and stick to a budget. >> eric: you think of athletes that all of a sudden come in a lot of money. we talk about the guy from mcafee, he is buried in a beach with a box over his head right now. can i show you who really wins in lotterys? go through this. lotteries are 50/50 proposition. whatever a dollar for you, dollar to the winner jackpot. this one, $500 million. go with that. $500 million on the winner side. $500 million on the government side. lotto people. if you take lump sum you get $3 # 7 million. that means another $173 million goes to government side. taxes $115 million to the government. state taxes to the government side. bottom line is the government and the lottery administration get $806 million
2:42 pm
>> kimberly: that is why they do it. >> bob: a lot goes to education and if you republicans wouldn't keep cutting it we would haven't to have lotteries. >> dana: that is not true. that is not the way it works. governments have become enslaved to lotteries. i don't think it's a good idea for several reasons. just like i don't like casino gambling or the gambling boats and things because it ends up being a tax on everybody but certainly the poorest among us who try to win, they spend a lot of their earnings to try to win these things. they can spend their money however they want but i think it's a tax on people. >> eric: along those lines, buying a soda. you pay sales tax on it. >> dana: but i'm not going to win anything. unless there is a contest. >> kimberly: clothes or cars. >> brian: if you get a dr. pepper you could -- >> dana: if you buy a soda you get immediate gratification. you open it and drink it. if you buy lottery ticket you chase roberts down holes and probably will never win. >> bob: a lot goes to
2:43 pm
education. >> brian: do you agree we should stop the lottery? it's not how much money you make but how you make it in we should sleep at night and live in deficit? >> kimberly: i'm not againstbe the lottery to be honest with you. i'm not. i mean if people want to play -- maybe bob will be a big winner and share the wealth. i don't know. >> eric: a 1% er! >> kimberly: like obama said, gave even their fair share. i feel optimistic about getting a piece of bob -- >> dana: what? >> bob: the state lotteries do a lot for education and the state. it's people who can't afford it who bet the most on these things. you go to a racetrack, i go to a lot of them, and you look down at the track, the finish line you see people who are obviously poor down there, ripping up the ticket because they lost. go to vegas. casinos, look at the people down there at 5:00 in the morning, that is if last stop for these people. most of them are poor. >> dana: i have never seen them. >> bob: i bet you haven't.
2:44 pm
>> brian: the bigger question is you can't be happy over $75,000. if you look to be multimillionaire to get multi-happiness. >> kimberly: i know people, babysitters that take the bus and they get food and play the slot machines. >> brian: i don't want to shorten anyone's segment but we made progress and the role you play. >> kimberly: glad you are here to educate us. >> bob: how much time for next segment? 16 before the hour. >> brian: coming up next, rolling stone on the right and the supreme court on the left. is that -- what do they have in common? they have a lot in common. and bob beckel will break it down for you. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the humana walmart-preferred rx plan p-d-p
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♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." before i get in my segment here, dana got from the encyclopedia, 516 towns have crosses in -- >> dana: somebody says it's
2:49 pm
514,000 towns. >> bob: twitter said this. i want to say a lot of people -- >> dana: better than the beckel almanac. >> bob: it has facts in it. what do the rolling stones and the supreme court have in common? they're both really, really old! something none of us here at five five no anything about. the stones are so old, the average age of one of the guys is older than your average supreme court justice. that is a true story. go ahead and google it. they should take the supreme court justices, clarence thomas, put him over to play the flute. >> eric: flute? >> bob: i guess he can't -- that is too complicated. give him a tambourine. the stones are now going on tour again for three or four stops. does anybody think it's time for these guys to give it up? >> dana: not as long as people pay money to see them. >> kimberly: no. ageist comment, bob.
2:50 pm
>> bob: you want to see mick jagger in tight pants going across and break his hip. >> kimberly: i hope he takes vitamins. >> brian: keith richards, 68. and i want you to hear one thing, listen to ten seconds -- >> bob: take over my segment. go ahead. >> brian: ten seconds of the rolling stones. go ahead. >> kimberly: somebody is very comfortable. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: here is what no one wants to say. they don't sound good. i think they have unbelievable legacy. 50 years, fine. but they don't sound good. >> kimberly: he shakes his leg like i do. >> eric: that does not sound good? >> brian: that does not. >> eric: wow! >> bob: have you read "life" by keith richards? this guy did more drugs and
2:51 pm
did more stuff than i ever did. which i did a lot. this guy maybe that is the way they stay together. i don't know. hopefully not the case. >> brian: this is like watching michael jordan in a washington jersey. >> bob: they were once -- >> dana: they were once called the uglyest in band in history. now they're the oldest band in history. >> kimberly: you are filled with fun facts. >> eric: rock and roll legends. i've seen them three times and would see them ten more times if i had time. more concerning, though, the supreme court judge issue, the ages, president obama might be appointing two new supreme court judges. >> bob: great. hope scalia is out and the silent man. >> kimberly: i can't believe that scalia -- can you even -- c'mon. >> bob: he is going to go. cash in. 78 years old. >> kimberly: a great american. >> brian: if the rolling stones retire president obama will name the musician to fill
2:52 pm
in. >> eric: mccain. >> bob: clarence thomas to do that. drumdrums in the back. >> brian: cerebral guy. >> bob: why doesn't he say anything? entire time on the bench he never says anything. >> brian: if you a good listener he doesn't talk much. >> dana: couldn't co-host on th"the five." >> kimberly: i take wish that. >> bob: i'm sorry. >> kimberly: i accept your apology. >> bob: brian take us out since you halftimeed th hijackee segment. >> dana: try not to mess this up. >> bob: one more thing is next. >> brian: next! ♪ ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
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have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all you need is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. buy now. save later. >> kimberly: we've had fun with you today and time now for one more thing. >> brian: first, today is a today that is historic. first time a group of steroid users will be nominated for coopers town, hall of fame. barry bonds, home run king. roger clemens, one of the greatest pitcher and sammy sosa. they should say as good as you were, you were a fraud and great a guy as they have been
2:57 pm
in the military you cannot put them in the hall of fame. it will debate for a year. >> bob: absolutely. put pease rose in. >> eric: they were the three that got caught. the rest of the guys in the hall of fame didn't get caught. >> brian: they are not eligible most of them. >> dana: sol tv problem once and for all. >> eric: dan sash hard line than me. >> brian: pull the stats out of the books, too? >> bob: put asterisk next to them. >> brian: make it twice as big. >> --are on steroids. [ overtalk ] >> bob: he has taken over the whole show. >> kimberly: he has. >> bob: common. >> dana: i pound out about something last night. if you want to help the hurricane sandy victims this is a great way to do it. broadway is getting together doing broadway blows back. benefit that will help the victims, tunnel of tower
2:58 pm
foundation, brought to me by betsy. and all the stars getting together december 10 at 7:30 p.m. you can buy a ticket and go and see a lot of your favorites perform that night. which i think is a really great way. >> brian: metro area, fantastic. >> bob: thanks, brian. >> brian: i can't comment now? >> eric: clip. a lot of companies are doing something interesting. moving their dividends up to be declared and pay it before the end of the year so that investors don't get nailed by the fiscal cliff. take a look at the screen. wal-mart, las vegas sands, movato, costco, big ones. disney announced a couple minutes ago they will do a 75% share of dividends. again, december 28. so investors don't get nailed. >> bob: brian has a comment. >> brian: no comment. next question. >> bob: well, the gobbing
2:59 pm
body of golf made a tragic decision, that you can no longer use long putters -- you can use long putters but you to v to keep them away from your body when you putt, which takes away the concept of it. i use one. the old dogs sit there, 95 years old. they have been, they played golf and there were wooden golf clubs. give us a break. this is a modern world. >> brian: greg norman disagrees with you on this. he already texted me. >> eric: on your golf game you are all arms. >> bob: i am. >> dana: it's called belly buster. >> kimberly: these are different lengths -- i got to go. real quick, take a look at the empire state building. got a makeover. everybody likes a good makeover. look at the gorgeous lights. 73% more energy efficient. they could do a couple of colors. this is spectacular. you can go and take a look.

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